Welcome to The Reel People, LLC

We are a reel and rod service shop located in Interlochen, Michigan about 15 miles southwest of Traverse City. We work on all makes and models of fishing reels for fresh water, salt water, including spinning, baitcast, conventional and fly fishing gear.

Keeping your reels in tip-top shape should be first on your list whether you are a recreational or a die hard angler. Making sure they are properly cleaned and lubed will increase the life of your reels and the amount of fish you catch. Servicing your reels annually will remove build-up of dirt and grime which overtime will cause the reel to become progressively worse and lessen it’s performance.

We have agreements with the following for reel repair, they will give you our information so you can to ship to us:

Clare & Gaylord: Jay’s Sporting Goods                                                                             Grand Rapids: Al & Bob’s
Linwood: Frank’s Great Outdoors
Pinconning: Northwood’s Wholesale Outlet

Whether  you are dropping your reel and/or rod off or mailing it to us, click HERE to access the The Reel People Service Request Form. Please print, complete and attach to each item being sent to us. Let us know know you shipped or dropped it off by calling Tom at 231-409-6863 or send him an email at uspikeman@gmail.com.

Payment is arranged with The Reel People, LLC not the tackle shops.

We also repair fishing rods and build custom fishing rods from several different blank manufacturers’ including Lamiglas, Sage, MHX, Orvis, Seeker, St. Croix, etc…

Note: We are running 6 – 10 weeks out.  Sometimes longer if we are waiting on parts from the manufacturer. We both work full-time jobs during the week, plus own another company. We will try to get your reels and rods done as soon as we can. We are a hard working middle class people, who understand the importance of good customer service. So we want to make sure each reel is serviced properly and not rushing things just to get the job done.