Custom Rods

Custom Rods

We also build custom fishing rods for:

  • Spin
  • Bait cast
  • Conventional
  • Centerpin float
  • Fly fishing

You choose:

  • Rod blank (quality, style, length, weight)
  • Thread colors
  • Guides

We will do the rest.

From ultra-light ice fishing to heavy Great Lakes, Ocean trolling and reef wreck fishing.

  • Blanks are offered from Lamiglas, MHX, Seeker, Orvis, and St Croix.
  • Guides and tops from Aftco, Fuji, Pac Bay, CRB, American Tackle, Berkley and Batson
  • Threads from Pro Wrap in any color or color combo you want
  • Finishes and sealers in urethane or epoxy, high gloss or satin, Flex Coat and Pro Cote
  • Cork or EVA grips and reel seats with or without inserts from simple plastics to high end wood or marble.

Prices subject to customer preferences. Typical custom rods run from $200 to $600.

Each custom fishing rod is built one at a time!