Custom Rods

We also build custom fishing rods for spin, bait cast, conventional, centerpin float and fly fishing from ultra-light ice fishing to heavy Great Lakes and Ocean trolling and reef wreck fishing. Blanks are offered from Lamiglas, MHX, Seeker, Orvis, and St Croix. Guides and tops from Aftco, Fuji, Pac Bay, CRB, American Tackle, Berkley and Batson. Threads from Pro Wrap in any color or color combo you want, finishes and sealers in urethane or epoxy, high gloss or satin, Flex Coat and Pro Cote. Cork or EVA grips and reel seats with or without inserts from simple plastics to high end wood or marble.

We don’t build large numbers of rods at one time. We prefer to build a rod for you, with your refinements and colors, for the purpose you wish…. And we can now do our own rod tattoos and art in any style or design you wish.

Prices are subject to customer preferences, the more specific or fancy you wish, the more expensive the rod. Typical custom rods run from $200 up to $600 based on length, quality of the blank and the refinements you wish.

Each custom fishing rod I build is built one at a time, for one angler – you!